Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Virtual Assistant (VA)?

A Virtual Assistant is a highly skilled Administrator who works as an Independent Contractor. A Virtual Assistant provides support to businesses that would not require and In-House Employee.

What Is the Difference Between An Independent Contractor & Employee?

Virtual Assistants are Self Employed. We handle all the Employment Taxes, Office Equipment/Software Programs. We work independently in our own office. 

An Employee is a staff member and the Employer is responsible for providing Office Space, Employment Taxes, Stat Holiday Pay, Vacations, and Benefits. An Employee is paid even during down times. 

How Is Time Tracked?

We Use T-Sheets to track time. Also, time is tracked by the minute ensuring clients only pay for the exact time that is worked. 

What Are Retainer Packages?

Retainer packages are for when you know you need regular ongoing support. Retainer packages are a discounted hours package that is paid in advance on the 1st of the month. Hours additional to package are the standard hourly rate. Unused hours are rolled over for 1 month only. 

What Type of Payment Do You Accept?

Invoices can be paid by E-Transfer or Credit Card. We Do Not Accept Cheques.

How Do You Keep Client Work Separated?

We Use Asana for keeping track of all the tasks we handle. Each project is handled at separate times.

How Much Notice Do I Need To Give For Tasks?

We request 24 hours notice for all tasks that can be planned. We handle urgent time sensitive matters on a case by case basis. 

What If I Don’t Know How Many Hours I Need?

We don’t require any commitments to hours to work with us. 

Do You Work On Ad-Hoc Projects?

Yes, we do! We are happy to work with one-time projects.  

What Industries Do You Work With?

We Typically Work The Following Industries:


Interior Designers/Stagers

Home Inspectors

Mortgage Brokers

Real Estate Agents


Boutique Agencies

What Don’t You Do?

We do not offer the following services at this present time. 

We are happy to refer you to one our trusted sources!

· Prospecting Calls 

· Reception Services

· Social Media or Marketing

· Full Bookkeeping Services